What is Your Pricing Policy?
We are happy to quote your project based on quantity and art. Quantity discounts are available at many levels.

How Long Will My Order Take to Complete?
Most orders are ready within 5 to 10 business days of final art approval. Orders are scheduled at the time the order is placed.

Do You Offer a Rush Service?
We accommodate rush orders frequently. Please just ask and we will expedite your order as best we can to meet your needs. There may be an additional upcharge to rush your order through, but you will be told upfront if there is.

What Types of Artwork Do You Accept?
Artwork can be created in our art department or supplied to us by the customer. We accept anything from an idea or rough sketch, to finished print-ready art. If Art is submitted that needs to be manipulated for us to get the job done, we will let you know upfront what the nominal art fee will be…this is a one-time fee.

We have a PC based art department running Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and CorelDraw. We can accept the following file formats, .ai, .psd, .eps, .cdr, .tif, .pdf, .gif or .jpg (although not recommended…but workable…try and send in a high resolution format). Artwork should be submitted to us at 200-300 dpi.

For Vector-based Artwork – Please convert all text to curves or include the fonts with the file.

How Can I Place My Order?
Once you receive your price quote please review carefully all the order details including brands/products, sizes, colors, quantities and print information such as locations, colors and customization.

If all the information is correct and you want to place the order, reply back to us with your confirmation.

Please Note – We must receive final art approval and set appropriate payment arrangements before your order will begin production. For new customer’s we will require a deposit…generally a third of the total, with the balance due at the completion of the job. If you become a “regular” customer (and we hope you do!)…the deposit will eventually not be necessary.

Digitizing…what is that?
What is a “tape” or Digitizing charge?

In order to sew your logo, art, or text onto an item we must first create a digitized file. This tells the sewing or embroidery machine how to sew your art…this process may also be referred to as “punching” your logo.

What does Run time mean? Why is it important?
In order to estimate a charge for your custom embroidery, we must first determine the number of stitches required for both the size and design. This stich count will determine the amount of time required to run your job. This is referred to as run time.

Will my logo work in embroidery?
Many logos work very well in embroidery with little or no changes. Some logos that have small lettering blend or are non-standard sizing, may require some modifications to make them work in embroidery. Ink and thread are not the same. Thread has thickness that cannot be changed and ink has its own properties. We try to match pantones colors if given to us, but be aware that there are a limited number of thread colors available. We will work with you to find a thread color that matches or is as close as possible. If you’re curious about your logo, send a digital graphic to us via email, include a phone number so we can call to discuss and ask questions.

Can I bleach my embroidered garment?
Our standard embroidery thread is made from rayon, so non-chlorine bleach is best for washing your garments. However, special thread is available at an additional cost if that is what you need.

What types of items can be embroidered?
Caps, jackets, sweat shirts, sweat pants, denim shirts, golf shirts, towels, duffel bags, infant items, bath towels, robes, tote bags, backpacks….etc.

How do I order custom embroidery?
You can call, e-mail or come in. We just need a copy of the design you need in order to digitize it unless you just want text in one of the fonts we have pre-digitized.

In order to get an estimate we need to see the logo and know what size you want it sewn out so we can determine the stich count.

Can you embroider my golf bag or brief case?
Yes, we often embroider attaché cases, luggage, back packs and many other fashion accessories. We only need see the product to verify our ability to hoop it and load in on our embroidery machine.

How small can you embroider lettering?
The minimum size lettering is often a concern when converting your printed artwork or color sketch into an embroidered emblem. We recommend that your lettering height be a minimum of .25” (one quarter inch) depending on the product being sewn, to assure nice clean legible lettering. If our artists find it necessary to reduce the size of your lettering they will make every effort to keep it crisp, clear and legible. When trying to do small lettering it is best to pick a font that is embroidery friendly…usually you want to avoid fonts with Serifs. We have been told by many of our customers that we offer the smallest, cleanest and clearest embroidered lettering in the industry, no matter what the size. If you’re not sure what size works best, just leave the lettering size decision up to our highly experienced artists.

Can I supply my own digitized file?
Absolutely, but if you do, please let us know up front if you have had it sewn before. We will still want to do a sew out just to be sure that it sews well. A swatch will be sewed out, and you will be proofed with it. Should any corrections/adjustments be needed, you need to let us know at the time of proofing. If you need to touch and feel the swatch, you are welcome to come in and check it out. There may be a charge if your file needs editing, but we will discuss with you beforehand.

What is necessary to place an order for silk-screening?
To place an order for CONTRACT silk-screening we need your purchase order, deposit, shipping request form and art all sent to mpishirts@hotmail.com or faxed to 480-491-5141. We do understand that many times you have your own purchase order forms, if you use your own, PLEASE make sure all the same information is listed in detail, as we prefer you to use our forms. Your order will be put on hold until all appropriate information is received.

What is the minimum order for silk-screening?
Our minimum order is 24 pieces for up to a 5-color imprint. Unless your garments are for sports teams receiving names and numbers on their garments, this is the only exception to our 24 pc minimum. Anything more than 5 colors will need a 72-piece minimum.

What is your turn around time?
Our turnaround time for a silk-screening order is 7-10 business days from the final art approval. This is a very firm time frame as we schedule our presses over a week in advance….of course if you have a rush, please call to discuss. We will make every effort to help you out.

What about RUSH jobs?
Rush jobs are completed in less than 7 business days after the final approval of your art and are subject to a 30% addition to your total. We do ask that you call ahead first to make sure we are able to handle your rush job before garments are sent to us, as we do not always have an open spot on our presses for such jobs. If you do send your garments to us without checking to make sure if we can handle your job, and at that time we are not able to rush the job, we will not be responsible for freight back to you.

If I am drop shipping to you, what should I do?
You may send your garments as follows:

Your company name and PO # (Job Name)
c/o MPI Embroidery, LLC
5005 S. Ash Ave #15
Tempe, AZ 85282

What is the proof / approval process?
On all new orders we will be sending you an art proof for your review. This proof will state the size, pantone colors and overall location of your print job. Please make sure to look over the proof carefully as once it is approved we will be printing exactly that. Proofs are issued about 1-2 business days after all forms and art have been received. If you do not receive a proof in that time frame please bring that to our attention, as we are not aware you didn’t receive it. Sometimes wrong emails are listed or lost in cyberspace. Also, we do ask that you set your email account to send a confirm receipt of emails when in the proof/approval process. If we do not receive your art approval we cannot proceed with your job. Having your email set for a confirm receipt ensures that we in fact did get your reply, if you did not get a confirm receipt, we do not have your approval.

Same As Last order?
All orders are new orders, do NOT expect us to go with your last order, please put down colors, size, location etc. as if it was your first time. We will pull your existing film and reference the re-order PO to make sure it is accurate. If you feel you need to request a proof for a re-order, please indicate this on the purchase order. This helps avoid any confusion and lets us keep to the schedule in order to get all jobs done on time.

Is the Clothing included in the Price?
No, when we are embellishing our costs are for embellishment, our pricing for clothing is on this site, under “Product Available”.

Do you provide the Clothing?
We are embellishers, should you be unwilling or unable to supply us with the clothing our selection is on the Internet under the “Pick your Apparel” or “Wearables Catalog” section. You may be able to purchase garments cheaper than what we sell them for, in that case just provide us the merchandise.

Are there any other charges?
Perhaps…there could be one-time set up charges, one-time art charges…but we will let you know these items in detail when you contact us for pricing. Although we do not have hidden charges, we do add for Nylon, Polyester, Mesh, Pants legs, Pant backs, shirt sides, hats, towels, specialty inks, or anything which is out of the ordinary.

Many times your clothing may come in poly bags, if it is t-shirts we will charge for un-bagging, if embroidery, we will un-bag but not re-bag without a charge. Please indicate on your PO if your order needs to be poly bagged.

Additional Questions?
If any of your questions have not been answered here, please feel free to call or email us! We will gladly answer your other questions. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we realize that your time is valuable. We will work hard to be your one-stop shop for all your future needs, and we do this by making sure you are happy! Thanks for the opportunity!